Original Jewellery Handmade in St Helena


The Treasures range of original jewellery is handmade in St Helena and stocked at Moonbeams Shop.

Treasures Original Jewellery Handmade in St Helena [Moonbeams Shop:Treasures]

Treasures designer Virginia Benjamin writes:

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to do things with my hands, whether it was fiddling with VCRs or televisions or even changing plugs.

The jewellery making only came to light through my Year 11 class. We, as students, were given the challenge of becoming entrepreneurs within the school. So we had the free range of choosing anything to sell to other students for a year. There were so many choices that it actually seemed quite difficult at the time, but as jewellery has always interested me I decided to try my hand at it.

I went out and bought some simple things like black cord, some mixed bead types, rings and the findings to create my own jewellery. This took off quite well and it seemed that my amateur made jewellery was a success. I kept going with it throughout the year and became more adventurous with my designs, which paid off. Since then making jewellery had only been a hobby until more recent years. I never expected to be doing this permanently.

I started selling my jewellery under the Treasures name in May 2009 in Jaspers before it became Moonbeams and altogether I have been making my own jewellery for at least four years and I’m loving it.

It’s very exciting to see trends change and what was popular last month may not be nearly as popular this month, but it is a great challenge to try and discover new techniques and types of jewellery, especially with the stitching. I’ve also found that with making earrings and bracelets there are an unlimited amount of things that you can do. It all adds to the uniqueness of my jewellery making.

When it comes to creating my designs I get a lot of inspiration from places I’ve been or people I talk to. It might sound funny but sometimes I can look at a person and imagine a pair of earrings that I think would suit them or a necklace or even a bracelet. When I go home I then take out the colours I want and play around with them on my mat until I come up with something I’m happy with. It really makes you think.

Most of the beads I use are either glass, Swarovski or Chinese crystals, glass pearls or metal spacers or bead caps. These all last a lot longer than the plastic beads or coated metal products and give more of a high quality look.

Most of my jewellery is aimed for the younger generation but I do make other pieces with the more sophisticated in mind. I’ve even started to branch out into men’s jewellery which I hope will be a success.

I hope with the future brings more experience, techniques and development with this range.


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