‘Special Gifts for Special People’

An explanation


‘Special Gifts for Special People’: An explanation [Moonbeams Shop:‘Special Gifts for Special People’]

A personal message from Catherine, the Moonbeams Director:

When I search for items to sell at Moonbeams I select only quality products that are superior to the cheaper alternatives available elsewhere. Although I work hard to keep prices low, I know our customers understand that quality gifts will inevitably cost a little more. These are not ordinary items - they are special, and the people you buy them for are the ones who are special to you. This is why I describe the items we sell at Moonbeams as “Special Gifts for Special People”.

If you buy someone a card or present at Moonbeams, you say to them “You are special to me and worth the higher price of a quality gift.” And if you receive a gift that was purchased at Moonbeams, you are assured that the giver values your relationship with them.

Please come and see what we have to offer.

Catherine [Moonbeams Shop:‘Special Gifts for Special People’]
Moonbeams’ Managing Director


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