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Napoleonic Bicentenary Souvenirs (March 2015)

Official Napoleonic Bicentenary Logo Moonbeams Shop News Archives
Official Napoleonic Bicentenary Logo

We are now able to produce souvenirs featuring the official Napoleonic Bicentenary logo (right). We can produce anything for you from our Personalised Souvenirs range, either individually or in quantity.

Bulk orders may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can also find the latest programme for the Napoleonic Bicentenary on our Saint Helena Island Info opens in a new window or tab Moonbeams Shop News ArchivesSaint Helena Island Info website.

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A unique gift for Mother’s Day (February 2012)

(or any other occasion . . .)

A perfect gift Moonbeams Shop News Archives

U-Draw puts your creativity into permanent form on greetings cards, mugs, t-shirts, and anything else in our Custom Gifts and Souvenirs range.

What better gift for Mother’s Day, which is happening this year on 18th March?

(Also suitable for grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, teachers, workmates . . . .)

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We’ve extended our range of personalised products

Read more about our personalised products or drop in to examine some examples and discuss your needs.

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Photography Tips - update (November 2011)

We’ve added to our collection of tips and tricks for taking better photographs.

Please see That line’s not straight - Photos that don’t look quite right to read more.

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Downloads (August 2011)

We’ve added some useful downloads to the site.

Everyone loves free downloads! Please go to our Free Downloads page to see what we have. And please check back regularly to see what we’ve added.

If you have any suggestions for useful downloads please contact us.

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Photography Tips (July 2011)

We are pleased to present various tips and tricks for taking better photographs.

Photography is a subject on which much has been written, and we can’t restate or summarise it all, but we have set out some things we have noticed in photos presented to us for printing. Or look up our Photography Tips index.

And if you have any suggestions to add please get in touch!

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Emailing documents and photos to us (June 2011)

You can email documents and photos to us for printing.

The email address is on our Find Us page.

Before you email photos please see our information on emailing photos.

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Personalised Gifts and Souvenirs (December 2010)

Personalised Gifts and Souvenirs Moonbeams Shop News Archives

Mugs, T-Shirts, Clocks, Coasters . . . and much more

We can now create quality personalised gifts and souvenirs for you, featuring your designs and photos. These are produced in the shop with only 24 hours notice (sometimes even quicker).

Read more about personalised gifts and souvenirs, or drop in to examine some examples and discuss your needs.

(P.S. We also print on paper, including digital photographs.)

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Moonbeams Website Launched (March 2010) is launched today!

It took a while (the shop was the priority) but is now live. Please explore the site and learn all about Moonbeams, and the little rays of light that come from The Moon.

This site was created and is maintained for us by Burgh House Software opens in a new window or tab Moonbeams Shop News ArchivesBurgh House Software (part of Burgh House opens in a new window or tab Moonbeams Shop News ArchivesBurgh House Limited), to whom all technical queries should be directed.

PS: The site is not yet complete - there is more to add on our products and services. We will update it as soon as we can, but if you want to know if we stock something, or need a creative job done and need to know if we can help, please just contact us. If we can’t supply or do it, we’ll help you find someone who can.

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Moonbeams Launched (February 2010)

Moonbeams is open!

Moonbeams commenced trading on 2nd February 2010, from The Moon in Napoleon Street, Jamestown. Moonbeams has taken over the business formerly trading as "Jasper’s", and carries initially the same range of quality cards, gifts and souvenir products. The range will develop over time while retaining the essential factors that made Jasper’s a success: quality products at reasonable prices.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you want from Moonbeams.

Catherine Moonbeams Shop News Archives
Moonbeams’ Managing Director

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