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Valentine’s Day, 2015 (January 2015)

The following advert appeared in the St Helena Independent on Friday 23rd January 2015:

Valentine’s Day, 2015 [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

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Our first Christmas advert for 2014! (June 2014)

Yes, we know it’s only June, but because of international shipping people start asking for Christmas cards in July. And this year we’ve been able to help with the cost of Christmas.

First Christmas advert for 2014 [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

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Mother’s Day 2014 (March 2014)

Mother’s Day 2014 [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

What more can we say?

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Valentine’s Day 2014 (February 2014)

Continuing the theme we establised at Christmas, we ran this advert for Valentine’s Day 2014:

Valentine’s Day 2014 [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

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New Till Software (January 2014)

We’ve changed the software we use to run our till!

We made this change for a very simple reason. Our previous till-software suppliers tried to cheat us - again! To explain…

We opened Moonbeams on 1st February 2010. We tried to work with the till software used by the previous owners (when the shop was called “Jasper’s”) but it was pretty poor so we looked on the internet and chose “Emperium EPOS”. We ordered it in late March and (of course, due to shipping delays) it arrived at the end of May. We installed it - so far so good.

At the start of January 2011 we got a bill from the vendors, “e-novations (London) Ltd” for our second year’s licence fee, with 28 days to pay or we would be cut off. We queried this and pointed out that we hadn’t ordered the software until late March 2010 so the licence couldn’t possibly be due. After some debate (involving telephone calls at £1/minute) they agreed and we paid the bill at the end of March 2011.

Exactly the same happened in January 2012.

And again in January 2013.

And again in December 2013!

We decided this was not acceptable. So we persuaded them, once again, to give us until March 2014 to pay and then started researching what was available.

We found a product called “Copper”. It’s far simpler to set up, much easier to use, requires far less processor power on our till machine and, perhaps best of all - it’s free! So we allowed our Emperium EPOS licence to expire and switched to Copper.

All of which is a rather round-about way of apologising to our customers for the minor delays in late January while we got used to using the new software.

If you’re looking for simple and effective till software we recommend Copper ( and we definitely do not recommend Emperium EPOS{1}!

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Christmas Advertising 2013 (November 2013)

For Christmas this year we are issuing adverts which confim that Moonbeams Shop sells Special Gifts for Special People.

Here are two examples:

Your special gift [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives] Your special gift [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

The message is clear. If you value the person you’re buying for - get it at Moonbeams Shop!

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CD and DVD Creation (January 2013)

Despite the closure of Burgh House Media Productions{2}, we are still able to produce audio CDs and DVDs.

For more details please see:

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Website Building (April 2012)

With effect from 1st April 2012 all website building business has been transferred to our sister company • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Software. Please follow the link to read more. If you are an existing Moonbeams Shop website customer you will see no difference, as all our website activities were undertaken on our behalf by • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Software. If you have any queries or concerns please either contact • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Software or contact us.

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A unique gift for Mother’s Day (February 2012)

(or any other occasion . . .)

A perfect gift [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

U-Draw puts your creativity into permanent form on greetings cards, mugs, t-shirts, and anything else in our Custom Gifts and Souvenirs range.

What better gift for Mother’s Day, which is happening this year on 18th March?

(Also suitable for grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, teachers, workmates . . . .)


Return to the index… New Products (December 2011) our personalised gifts and souvenirs [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

We’ve extended our range of personalised products

Read more about our personalised products or drop in to examine some examples and discuss your needs.


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Photography Tips - update (November 2011)

We’ve added to our collection of tips and tricks for taking better photographs.

Please see That line’s not straight - Photos that don’t look quite right to read more.

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Important notice - browser compatibility (November 2011)

If you are using an older version of your web browser it is possible you may experience minor display formatting issues with this website and others that we manage (please see • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Software for a list).

XHTML 1.0 Transitional [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

This site now conforms to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard and this is not always fully supported in older versions of web browsers. If you are affected we hope that these display anomalies do not inhibit your use of this site.

We strongly recommend that you use the most up-to-date version of your chosen web browser because, in addition to display issues with more modern websites, recent versions are more likely to protect you from security vulnerabilities. Please visit the website for your chosen web browser for more information (a link is usually provided from the browser’s ‘help’ function).


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Treasures (September 2011)

The Treasures range of original jewellery is handmade in St Helena and stocked at Moonbeams Shop.

Read more about Treasures or drop in to see the Treasures range.

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Downloads (August 2011)

We’ve added some useful downloads to the site.

Everyone loves free downloads! Please go to our Free Downloads page to see what we have. And please check back regularly to see what we’ve added.

If you have any suggestions for useful downloads please contact us.

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Photography Tips (July 2011)

We are pleased to present various tips and tricks for taking better photographs.

Photography is a subject on which much has been written, and we can’t restate or summarise it all, but we have set out some things we have noticed in photos presented to us for printing. Or look up our Photography Tips index.

And if you have any suggestions to add please get in touch!

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Emailing documents and photos to us (June 2011)

You can email documents and photos to us for printing.

The email address is on our Find Us page.

Before you email photos please see our information on emailing photos.

Return to the index… (April 2011) our personalised gifts and souvenirs [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

Mugs, T-Shirts, Clocks, Coasters . . . and much more

Our personalised gifts and souvenirs now share the common branding

Read more about personalised gifts and souvenirs, or drop in to examine some examples and discuss your needs.


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Personalised Gifts and Souvenirs (December 2010)

Personalised Gifts and Souvenirs [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

Mugs, T-Shirts, Clocks, Coasters . . . and much more

We can now create quality personalised gifts and souvenirs for you, featuring your designs and photos. These are produced in the shop with only 24 hours notice (sometimes even quicker).

Read more about personalised gifts and souvenirs, or drop in to examine some examples and discuss your needs.

(P.S. We also print on paper, including digital photographs.)


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Christmas Extended Opening Hours (November 2010)

Christmas Extended Opening Hours [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

To give you more time to find that perfect gift, we’ve extended our opening hours until Christmas

In addition to our normal hours, Moonbeams is now open on:

And however busy we are, we’ll still spend time with you to help you find that ideal present.


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Carnival 2010 PhotoCD Out Now (November 2010)

Carnival 2010 [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

The Carnival 2010 slide-show PhotoCD is now on sale at Moonbeams.

It features 163 photos taken during the carnival, collected into a slide-show and formatted as a PhotoCD, to play on a home DVD player or computer.

All proceeds go to the Carnival 2010 funds, in support of the Cancer Awareness Charity.

A few of the photos have also made it onto • Saint Helena Island Info • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Saint Helena Island Info…Enjoy!


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Christmas Stock (October 2010)

Canon Digital Camera [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]

The first wave of our Christmas stock arrived on the RMS on 10th October and is now on the shelves.

And if you don’t find that perfect present immediately please come back again after each ship arrival as we have much more on it’s way!

And, yes - we do have some more excellent value Canon cameras…


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Rockfall-protection Power Cuts (October 2010)

Following the announcement today regarding power cuts in Jamestown due to the rockfall protection works, Moonbeams Limited would like to reassure customers that the Moonbeams shop will open as normal during this period.

Moonbeams will continue to offer all of our services and ask our customers to be understanding if some of these - for example, photo printing and CD and DVD production - cannot be performed as promptly as normal.

Moonbeams will print your photos and create your discs as soon as power is restored each day.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Pre-Christmas Special Offers (September 2010)

Pre-Christmas Special Offers

We have a number of special reductions for the pre-Christmas period, available in the shop now! You can save by buying your presents early, but only as long as stock last. Please come in and have a look.

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Website updates (May 2010)

Lots of new things to see

We continue to update this website to show the variety of products and services available from Moonbeams. Most of the new stuff is linked from either the Our Products or the Our Services page, though we have added a new index of Useful Information that you may find helpful.

Your feedback remains welcome . . .

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Moonbeams Website Launched (March 2010) is launched today!

It took a while (the shop was the priority) but is now live. Please explore the site and learn all about Moonbeams, and the little rays of light that come from The Moon.

This site was created and is maintained for us by • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Software (part of • Burgh House • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]Burgh House Limited), to whom all technical queries should be directed.

PS: The site is not yet complete - there is more to add on our products and services. We will update it as soon as we can, but if you want to know if we stock something, or need a creative job done and need to know if we can help, please just contact us. If we can’t supply or do it, we’ll help you find someone who can.

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Moonbeams Launched (February 2010)

Moonbeams is open!

Moonbeams commenced trading on 2nd February 2010, from The Moon in Napoleon Street, Jamestown. Moonbeams has taken over the business formerly trading as "Jasper’s", and carries initially the same range of quality cards, gifts and souvenir products. The range will develop over time while retaining the essential factors that made Jasper’s a success: quality products at reasonable prices.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you want from Moonbeams.

Catherine [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives]
Moonbeams’ Managing Director

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{1} To be fair there’s nothing wrong with the software, but its vendors - e-novations (London) Ltd - kept trying to screw us, and you can’t have the software without engaging with the vendor!

{2} This closure was actually reversed in March 2013 due to the opening of Saint FM Community Radio. • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News Archives] For more about the extraordinary island of St Helena see

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