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Extended opening hours for 2016 (January 2016)

Starting 1st January 2016 Moonbeams has extended its opening hours. We will now stay open on Wednesday afternoons, giving you some extra time to buy your Special Gifts for Special People:

Opening Hours 2016 [Moonbeams Shop:News]

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SaintFM Community Radio T-Shirts (August 2015)

SaintFM Community Radio Logo [Moonbeams Shop:News]

We can now offer official SaintFM Community Radio T-Shirts and Polo (Golf) Shirts.

The shirt features the SaintFM Community Radio logo on the front (in the location of a breast pocket), and a larger logo on the back. Above the back logo you can have your name (or a friend/relative/colleague’s name) printed.

T-Shirts can be printed in all sizes from Child (1-2 years) to Adult (up to XXL). Polo (Golf) Shirts are currently only available in Adult sizes.

We sell the shirt to you at our normal price (see Custom Gifts and Souvenirs for details), and £2 from each sale goes to SaintFM Community Radio.

Show your support for SaintFM Community Radio!

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New stock - cards by GK Crafts (May 2015)

Card by GK Crafts [Moonbeams Shop:News]

We said we would improve our range of products, and we have.

In addition to new gifts and personalised gift types (see our Custom Gifts and Souvenirs page) we now stock cards made locally by GK Crafts. You can see an example in the picture (right). Do come in and examine the range.

More new products coming soon!

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An important announcement about Moonbeams (April 2015)

Moonbeams Shop image [Moonbeams Shop:News]

With the airport probably less than a year away, everyone should be thinking about how increased tourism will affect their business.

At Moonbeams we’ve done just that.

We currently supply cards, gifts & souvenirs. We source the best quality cards & gifts from the UK and we also make Personalised Cards & Gifts, so whatever you need - a 33rd wedding anniversary or a 24th birthday - we can make you something suitable. And we have a range of souvenirs, all locally made, many with local wood or materials.

How should the airport affect that? We have a fixed-size shop, so if we stock more souvenirs for all these extra tourists that would mean having fewer cards & gifts for local people. Should we do that?


You know Moonbeams as being “Special Gifts for Special People”. You rely on us for those special cards & gifts and we don’t want to disappoint you. So not only will we not be scaling them back, we are improving our range of cards & gifts.

We will continue to sell quality locally-produced souvenirs, but our main emphasis will be on the cards & gifts our local customers require, for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, new babies, Valentines, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days and, of course Christmas.

And we’re not waiting for the Airport either. We’ve already dramatically improved our ranges. If you haven’t been into Moonbeams recently, come and check out what we have and ask about our range of personalised cards & gifts. And if we don’t already have just what you need we can make something for you that you (and the person you give it to) will love.

We look forward to welcoming you to Moonbeams. You’ll find us in Napoleon Street.

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Napoleonic Bicentenary Souvenirs (March 2015)

Official Napoleonic Bicentenary Logo [Moonbeams Shop:News]
Official Napoleonic Bicentenary Logo

We are now able to produce souvenirs featuring the official Napoleonic Bicentenary logo (right). We can produce anything for you from our Personalised Souvenirs range, either individually or in quantity.

Bulk orders may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can also find the latest programme for the Napoleonic Bicentenary on our • Saint Helena Island Info • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:News]Saint Helena Island Info website.


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Moonbeams joins the Chamber of Commerce (June 2014)

Moonbeams has joined the St Helena Chamber of Commerce. We do not expect this to affect our Our Products or Our Services but we hope it will help us in arguing for a fairer deal for small independent retailers on St Helena.

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Send a “Happy St Helena’s Day” card to a relative on St Helena (April 2013)

Would you like to send a card to a relative on St Helena to wish them a Happy St Helena’s Day? We can help! Go to our Happy St Helena’s Day Cards page and you’ll see how easy it is.

PS: Happy St Helena’s Day cards are also available in the shop for you to purchase and send locally or overseas.

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Green and Local Products (August 2012)

Green & Local Product Labelling [Moonbeams Shop:News]

To help you ‘go Green’ Moonbeams has introduced a new labelling scheme for Green and Local products.

Stickers are affixed on, or beside, products that qualify as:

All locally made products are greener because they do not include the carbon for shipping from their country of origin.


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Wanted: Artists & Crafters (July 2012)

Wanted: Artists & Crafters [Moonbeams Shop:News]

Please contact us for a discussion.

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