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We are located in ‘The Moon’{1}, in Napoleon Street, Jamestown, on the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic{2}. Napoleon Street runs from the roundabout at the top (southern end) of Main Street, heading up towards The Briars, the Napoleonic sites and Longwood. We are between ‘The Emporium’ and ‘The Queen Mary’. See an interactive map of St Helena…

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We’re open


9am to 5pm


9am to 5pm


9am to 1pm


9am to 5pm


9am to 5pm


9am to 1pm and 6:30pm to 8:30pm


We are sometimes open on other days & times, for example when a cruise ship is visiting St Helena

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You can also:

Surface mail can be sent to ‘P.O. Box 37,
Island of St Helena{4}
South Atlantic Ocean
STHL 1ZZ’ but please note that, as St Helena has no airport, mail comes by ship and can take some weeks to reach us. Please note that communications to and from St Helena are less reliable than in most developed countries, due to telephone, Internet and power outages. If you can’t reach us by telephone please try again later. If your email goes unanswered please re-send it.

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Before you contact us, have we already answered your question on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page? This has answers to many common questions, including: .



{1} The Moon is a historic building - for more details please see our landlord’s website at

{2} Information about Saint Helena, one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, can be found on • Saint Helena Island Info • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Find Us]Saint Helena Island Info.

{3} Yes, St Helena ‘phone numbers only have five digits!

{4} Or St Helena Island, or St. Helena, it doesn’t seem to matter which. • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Find Us] For more about the extraordinary island of St Helena see

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