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Frequently Asked Questions [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

01: Why “Moonbeams”?

Welcome to Moonbeams [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Moonbeams was established in the Moon building in Napoleon Street, Jamestown (where we still are). We sell gifts and cards to brighten someone’s day. These are little rays of light that come from The Moon. Moonbeams.

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02: Where is St Helena and how would I get there?

5°45’00”W, 15°58’49”S, approximately 1,200 miles west of the Angola/Namibia border in the South Atlantic Ocean. Goto • Saint Helena Island Info • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]Saint Helena Island Info to read more about St Helena.

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03: Cards, gifts & Souvenirs. Anything else?

Our Products [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Lots! Check out the Our Products and Our Services pages to find out all the things we can offer. And if what you want isn’t there, contact us anyway - if we can’t do it we can probably put you in touch with someone who can.

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04: Why “Special Gifts for Special People”?

‘Special Gifts for Special People’ [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

The answer is on our page ‘Special Gifts for Special People’.

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05: Is it true you make personalised things?

Custom CDs [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Yes, we do. We make personalised cards, CDs and also Personalised Gifts. contact us to discuss your requirements.

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06: Can you print photographs?

Photo Printing [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

We can. Check out our page Photo Printing for more details. You may also want to see our pages of Photography Tips.

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07: Can you print things other than photographs?

Design and Printing [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Indeed. Check out our page Design and Printing for more details.

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08: Do you sell locally-produced stuff or imported stuff?

Local Crafts [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Yes - both! We have probably the island’s widest selection of cards and a great selection of gifts. Some are locally-made (especially our souvenirs) and some are imported. Come and see and we’ll happily show you which is which.

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09: Do I have to be on St Helena to buy from Moonbeams?

Find Us [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]

Not at all. We can take orders by ’phone or email for delivery on St Helena, and we also export. Check out the Our Services page for more detail.

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10: Do you sell computer parts?

Not any longer. Your best source for computers and computer equipment is Sure South Atlantic.

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11: Do you create websites?

We previously did but we handed this business over to a sister company in 2012. Please see the • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]Burgh House Software site or our page Websites.

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12: Can you help with residence in St Helena?

A sister company can. Please see the • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions] site.

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13: Can you help me set up a business in St Helena?

A sister company can. Please see the • Burgh House • opens in a new window or tab [Moonbeams Shop:Frequently Asked Questions]Burgh House Limited site.

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14: Are you related to the Moonbeams Charity?

No, we are not related to the Moonbeams Charity and neither are we related to any other organisation using the name ‘Moonbeams’, anywhere in the world.

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15: Can you provide me with a telephone directory?

Sorry, No. (An odd one this. We sometimes get people coming in asking for telephone directories or how to pay their telephone bill. Our building, The Moon, was occupied by the former telephone service provider Cable & Wireless{1}, up until around 2003 and it seems some people haven’t caught on that they’ve moved!)

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{1} Now SURE South Atlantic Limited.

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