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Digital copies never fade


Document Scanning•Digital copies never fade [Moonbeams Shop:Document Scanning]

Don’t lose your memory! We can scan your documents into digital copies.

Certificates; letters; receipts; they are all important pieces of paper. But paper is easily damaged in many ways.

We can preserve your documents, by scanning them with our high-resolution scanners into digital copies, which can be viewed on your computer and even re-printed. Digital copies never fade.

We can provide your digital copies to you:

Don’t lose your memory! Get it transferred today.

Please note: Scanning cannot, of itself, improve a damaged item, but we know a man who can . . . ask us about image restoration and improvement services.


These pages introduce some of our memory preservation services. If you want to know more, or have a special requirement not listed here, please contact us. And if we can’t do it for you ourselves we’ll do our best to help you find someone who can.

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