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Digital audio never fades


Cassette to mp3 transfers•Digital audio never fades Moonbeams Shop

Don’t lose your memory! We can transfer your audio cassette tapes into digital format.

The memories you have on tape cassette are in danger of being lost if the tape becomes damaged, either by exposure to heat or magnets, or develops mould. And every time you play a tape the sound becomes slightly degraded - put simply, the tape wears away over time and your tape becomes fainter and eventually inaudible.

We can preserve your memories, by transferring your audio cassette tapes to digital format, which can be listened to on your CD player, mp3 player or computer. You can play digital recordings again and again with no wear.

Don’t lose your memory! Get it transferred today.

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These pages introduce some of our memory preservation services. If you want to know more, or have a special requirement not listed here, please contact us. And if we can’t do it for you ourselves we’ll do our best to help you find someone who can.


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