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Making room for more photos


Camera Memory Card Copying•Making room for more photos Moonbeams Shop

You’ve taken so many pictures the camera is full. What next?

If you camera’s memory card is full you can’t take any more photos. We may be able to sell you an extra memory card - we usually have a few of the commonest types - but what if that one becomes full too? Or what if your camera’s memory card were to become corrupted and unreadable? And it doesn’t take too big a mistake for you to accidentally delete one or all of your prized photos from your camera.

We can help! We can copy the entire contents of your camera’s memory card to disc, either CDs or DVDs, or to a DataKey{1}. These can be read by your computer when you get home. Once safely written to the disc or DataKey, the images can be removed from the camera, freeing space for more photography.

Bring us the camera and we’ll do the rest. We can read directly from most common types of memory card, but it’s also helpful to bring the lead that you use to download pictures from your camera to a computer, just in case yours is a type we can’t read directly.

PS: We have also successfully transferred photos from mobile ‘phones.

These pages introduce some of our general services. If you want to know more, or have a special requirement not listed here, please contact us. And if we can’t do it for you ourselves we’ll do our best to help you find someone who can.



{1} Sometimes known as a USB flash drive.

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